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About ‘Siberian Project” Company

“Siberian Project” Production Company was created in 2001 with the idea to produce fire-fighting equipment in Russia, and in September 2002 it started manufacturing dry powder chemical fire extinguishing units (MPP) “Uragan”.
When entering the serious and specific market of fire fighting equipment, our company has set its own major principle of operation, namely the new product of MPP Uragan must conform to all demands of customers. For a design and installation company, this means better performance characteristics of the unit, availability of information, simplicity and comfort during installation of units on site and certainly its attractive outer design. MPP Uragan fits perfectly into design of both production facilities and parking lots and into interior of large trade and exhibition halls, shops and offices. For a construction company (an Investor) this means the cost of the product, i.e. the price/cost must be lower as compared with products of similar characteristics. Produce of PC Siberian Project (Ltd.) is known and sells well by companies from Kaliningrad to Anadyr.
In 2005-2007 the Siberian Project company has extended its model range. It has started serial production of dry powder (high elevation mounted modification) units, to be used inside production enterprises and large warehouses with the premises height of up to 16 m. We also offer explosion-proof modifications that allow using MPP Uragan in underground mining works and their respective above-surface buildings, fire damp (methane) and coal dust hazardous, and also at oil producing enterprising. There are no analogues to such units now in Russia. SUEK, YuzhKuzbassUgol, Evraz, Mechel, LukOil and other mines got especially interested in our units.
In 2008 - 2011 the Innovative fire protection technology for warehouses has been intensively introduced throughout Russia. Dozens of warehouses with goods storage height over 5.5 m use this new technology. This work resulted in obtaining recommendations of the Academy of State Firefighting Service of EmerCom of Russia as well as in agreement on STU (Special Technical Requirements) during a meeting of Normative technical council of firefighting squads of EmerCom of Russia.
In 2011 we received certificates and started serial production of MPP UraganExpl with explosion protection marking of 0ExiaIIBT3 X. This product is to be used on sites of extreme danger where there is permanently gas and dust hazardous medium.
In early August 2012 experimental development of TRV Uragan 13 water mist fire extinguishing unit was completed, and in September this new unit was certified. TRV Uragan 13 unit is more efficient, reliable and safe in terms of operation as compared with existing analogues. The know-how of TRV Uragan 13 is the construction of its main module (sprayer and nozzle), which rotates to create water mist vortex field to evenly spray the protected surface. TRV Uragan 13 unit fights fire on varying surfaces and even heights. Main advantages of TRV Uragan 13 unit are that it is efficient, economical and reliable.
In 2002 - 2013 the Siberian Project company takes part in international exhibitions and trade fairs in Moscow, St.Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Kemerovo and Novokuznetsk. MPP Uragan units were awarded gold and silver medals at these exhibitions and a number of certificates of appreciation.
The goal of the company is to set up production facilities for manufacturing of a wide range of firefighting equipment, to introduce new efficient technologies, to provide these fire extinguishing means to companies and private individuals all around Russia and abroad. We want to be the leader in our area.

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